Our Flooring

Our Flooring

Our Evolution Chip or Flake System can be applied to just about any concrete surface. Residentially our products can be applied to garage floors, porches, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Commercially our products can be applied to floors in restaurants, warehouses, workshops, firehouses and more.

We can apply our coatings to steps and other vertical applications as well as install form cove that blends walls and other vertical applications to the floor. This process is ideal for restaurants, rest rooms, locker rooms, laundry rooms, veterinary clinics and more.

Application Process

  1. Profile the Concrete: Professional equipment used. Large and small grinders. Cracks and chips repaired.
  2. Basecoat Applied: Patented Basecoat. Even application. Full coverage.
  3. Broadcast Evolution Chip or Flake: Vinyl colored chips generously applied. Slip Resistant. UV stable.
  4. Topcoat Prep: Scrape and vacuum. Inspect for coverage.
  5. Topcoat: UV stable. Non-yellowing. 100% antibacterial. 100% antimicrobial. Rust, chemical, and abrasion resistant. Easy to clean.

Polyurea VS. Epoxy
1 Day Installation Vs. 3+ Days In

  • 1 Day Installation Vs. 3+ Days Installation With Epoxy
  • 98% More Flexible Than Epoxy
  • 2X Better Adhesion Than Epoxy
  • 4X Stronger Than Epoxy

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We are Delmarva’s concrete experts and we would love to assist you with creating a floor that stands the test of time. From garages and homes to restaurant kitchens and commercial applications, Pinnacle Concrete has your floor covered. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Our flakes come from TORGINOL